Every disciple of Jesus Christ is called to make more disciples. These resources are designed to help you as you study God’s Word with others. These books are fallible and, like every man-made resource, must be tested against the Holy Scriptures. Likewise, Bethany Baptist Church does not endorse everything in every study. At the same time, we believe these studies will provide wise insights that will help you to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the journey!

  1. Launching Pad
    1. Launch into Relationship
      1. Foundations (GDS)
      2. Stranger on the Road to Emmaus (Cross)
      3. Freedom That Lasts: Volume One (Berg)
    2. Launch into Christian Living
      1. The Walk (GDS)
    3. Launch into Community
      1. “Welcome To Our Family” (BBC)
  2. Go Deeper
    1. Go Deeper in Studying
      1. Simply Blessed (GDS)
    2. Go Deeper in Prayer
      1. The God Who Hears (Hunter)
    3. Go Deeper in Bible Reading
      1. “Scripture Reading Plan”
    4. Go Deeper in Witnessing
      1. Evangelism for the Fainthearted (Scheider)
      2. True Evangelism (Chafer)
    5. Go Deeper in Devotion
      1. Close to His Majesty (Needham)
    6. Go Deeper in Disciple Making
      1. Trellis and the Vine (Marshal and Payne)
      2. The Lost Art of Disciple Making (Eims)
  3. Maturing in Christ
    1. Maturing in Marriage 
      1. When Sinners Say I Do (Harvey)
    2. Maturing in Parenting
      1. Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Tripp)
      2. “The Family” (BBC)
    3. Maturing in Purity
      1. Finally Free (Lambert)
    4. Maturing in Stewardship
      1. Whole-Life Stewardship (GDS)
      2. Money, Possessions, and Eternity (Alcorn)
    5. Maturing in Holiness
      1. Love Not the World (Leedy)
    6. Maturing in Love
      1. The Four Loves (Lewis)
    7. Maturing in Sanctification
      1. Changed into His Image (Berg)
    8. Maturing in Reverence
      1. The Knowledge of the Holy (Tozer)
    9. Maturing in Decision Making
      1. Decision Making and the Will of God (Friesen) 
    10. Maturing in Manhood
      1. Thoughts for Young Men (Ryle)
      2. The Masculine Mandate (Philips)
      3. The Exemplary Husband (Scott)
    11. Maturing in Womanhood
      1. Lies Women Believe (Wolgemuth)
      2. The Excellent Wife (Peace)
      3. Created to be His Help Meet (Pearl)
  4. Faithful Examples (60+)
    1. Faithful Initiative
      1. Your One Degree (Jewitt)
    2. Faithful Instruction
      1. Aquila and Priscilla Ministry – Training Younger People in Orthodoxy
    3. Faithful Influence
      1. Titus 2 Ministry – Training Younger People in Orthopraxy 
  5. Leadership Development
    1. Biblical Church Leadership
      1. Spiritual Leadership (Sanders)
      2. Biblical Eldership (Strauch) 
      3. The New Testament Deacon (Strauch)
    2. Biblical Church Philosophy
      1. Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of First Century Church (BILD)
      2. The Conservative Church (deBruyn)
      3. Thirsting for Authenticity (MacLachlan)