Is There Anything For My Teens To Do?

Yes! There’s a lot for teenagers to do at Bethany! But it may look a little different than you’re used to. We have no youth group. No pizza parties. No lock-ins. But we do have plenty of youth being trained to embrace their Christian faith and serve God in authentic local church ministry.

We believe that teenagers should be treated like full fledged Christian adults. So our teens are involved in the normal ministries and activities of church life. They lead songs, do special music, share the gospel, participate in Sunday school, and fellowship with believers of all ages. Some are even trained to preach and teach. And yes, we also have a great deal of fun together as a church family. People of all ages can regularly be seen playing games and having fun together throughout the church property. 

Any teenager who wants to can be paired up with a more mature Christian . Together they will go through discipleship resources with the goal that one day your teen will be able to lead someone less mature than them. These teens are also encouraged and equipped to share their faith and make disciples.

We firmly believe that parents can have a good, open, blessed relationship with their teenage children. Everything we do is designed to promote that – from training parents to fulfill their role to challenging teens to honor their parents. We never want the church to come between you and your teen.  When your family comes to Bethany, they will do church as a family; growing closer to each other as they grow closer to Christ.

Spirit-indwelt teens are capable of accomplishing more for Christ than eating pizza and playing dodgeball. At Bethany, we strive to equip all the saints – young and old – to do the work of the ministry. If that’s something you could get excited about, please come visit Bethany and see what it’s like for yourself.