Before He went to heaven, the Lord Jesus commanded every single Christian to be a disciple maker (Matthew 28:19). At Bethany, we seek to equip all believers to obey the Great Commission as they themselves are also discipled.

The motto we’ve adopted is, “Win One, Lead One, Follow One”.

Win One

All of us are surrounded by lost souls who need a relationship with God in Jesus Christ. We ask everyone at Bethany to aim to win at least one soul for the Lord before they die. Believers are challenged to build redemptive relationships with unsaved people. We start each of our regular disciple making Bible studies with evangelistic prayer for a lost person in our lives. Each testimony time begins with the question, “What’s the good news about the Good News?” During these times we encourage each other with how God has used us to share His love and gospel with those around us. In this way, love for the lost is kept in the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Lead One

But the Great Commission is not completed when a person places their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Our Lord told us to continue “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20). This is not just the job of pastors and missionaries, but the calling of every single Christian. And so, everyone at Bethany is equipped with a lifetime of Bible-based resources and time slots during the Sunday School and Prayer Meetings hours to help others grow in their faith. Every believer is equipped to do the work of the ministry in the context of organic relationships.

Follow One

But we cannot help others grow if we ourselves are not growing. That’s why it’s important to be following someone else who is following Christ. The goal is that everyone at Bethany would be mentored by someone more mature than them even as they are mentoring someone less mature than them. This is more than a discipleship program. It’s one life committed to another life for life. These relationships mean that no one has to live the Christian life alone. Everyone is engaged to obeying the Lord’s calling to serve others.

If you would like to know how you could become a disciple maker at Bethany Baptist Church or if you would like to begin a Bible study with a spiritual mentor, please contact us.


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