At Bethany we’ve developed a passion not only to support missions, but to do missions. We also believe that the planting, establishment, and replication of local churches must be at the heart of biblical missions. We are excited about the possibilities of planting churches in our “Judea” (Acts 1:8).

Legacy Baptist Church (Oakland, IA)

Bethany Baptist Des Moines

In January 2019, Bethany planted Legacy Baptist Church in Oakland, Iowa. We are excited to bring another Gospel-witness to a rural area of the state that is in need of more Bible-believing churches. We are excited to see God work in incredible ways in this new congregation. He’s graciously provided a church planter, a building, and individuals to help establish this church Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in this church plant in any way.

Legacy Baptist Church
302 Oakland Ave
Oakland, IA 51560

The Next Step

Even as we work with the Oakland church plant, we’re always looking for opportunities to plant churches in and around the Des Moines metro area. We do not intend to lure people away from churches they can fellowship with without violating their convictions. However, there are situations where people may have legitimate reasons for seeking a new church family. If you are interested in being part of a church plant in your community, we invite you to contact us either via email at or by phone at (515) 285-7439.

Following is a brief synopsis of who we are at Bethany, and the type of church we intend, Lord willing, to plant:


Verbal inspiration of Scripture
The Trinity
The Genesis account of creation
The deity of Christ and virgin birth
The cessation of sign gifts
The depravity of man
The substitutionary sacrifice of Christ
The bodily resurrection of Christ
Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the cross-work of Christ alone.
A balanced view of salvation truth, avoiding the determinism of Calvinism and the insecurity of Arminianism
Believers’ baptism by immersion
Dispensational theology
Ecclesiastical and individual separation from apostasy and worldly practices
Pre-millennial, pre-tribulational, imminent return of Christ
The everlasting life of the saved and the everlasting suffering of the lost.


We exist to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe the Church is God’s program for today, and that the local church must be central in our lives.
We present the uncompromised truth in unconditional love.
We believe the Bible clearly teaches that the responsibility of bringing up children lies primarily with their parents, not the church, yet not to the exclusion of the church.
Our families worship, pray, learn, serve, and fellowship together. (There is optional segregated Sunday school for elementary-age children.)
It is our aim to train leaders within the context of the local church ministry who will be able to teach others.
Our church services are geared for believers, and thus are not seeker-sensitive. (Evangelistic effort is directed primarily outside the church building)

If you have questions about this new church plant, or would be interested in being a part, please contact us at Bethany either via email at or by phone at (515) 285-7439.