Is There Anything For My Kids To Do?

This is a question commonly asked by visitors to Bethany Baptist Church. The short answer to that question is: Yes, there absolutely is something for your children at Bethany! However, because we emphasize relationships over programs it might look a little different than you’re used to. We firmly believe that God has given parents, not the church, the primary responsibility for discipling their children. Therefore, the majority of our efforts to reach children is centered on equipping parents to effectively fulfill their God-given role.

During the Sunday school hour, there are optional classes for elementary age students. Parents are welcomed to send their children to these classes where they will be taught engaging, Bible-based lessons by our volunteers. Parents also have the option of keeping their children with them in our age-integrated Sunday school class. There they will be exposed to the wisdom and insights of older Christians as they witness them study God’s Word. Either way is fine. It’s up to you.

We do encourage parents to bring their children into the regular worship services. This exposes children to godly worship and sound teaching. They get to see their parents and older Christians model worship and learning. It also trains children to view church as an opportunity to give rather than receive. Matthew 19:14 says, “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Like our Lord, we do not want to keep children from being a part of worship and learning. It’s a beautiful experience to see our young people engaged in corporate worship.

But what if my kid makes noise? Don’t worry about it! No one is judging you. People at Bethany are used to having children in the service and are just glad to have you and your family present. But if it gets too bad feel free to take your child into the foyer or the self-service nursery downstairs. Our speaker system will keep you connected to what’s going up in the auditorium. But always feel welcome to bring your child back in whenever you’re ready.   

Children have a lot of fun at Bethany. Our monthly Game Night and annual Family Camp provide lots of fun experiences for your children. We believe in doing things as a family. So you will get to have fun with your kids too! Rather than separating parents and children, our approach to church encourages families to learn, grow, worship, and play together.

We’re passionate about spreading God’s truth to the next generation. We strive to empower parents to pass on a love for God to their children while connecting younger people to previous generations. If this is something you could get excited about too, we encourage you to visit Bethany and see what it’s like for yourself.